The Hawaiian Bird of Paradise

is wonderfully smooth & soft, with a touch of freesia-like fragrance. It will make you feel your best during day, & at night time too.

Hawaiian Coconut

The Hawaiian name is "Niu", & the scent of shredded coconut is the only way to describe this exotic coconutty fragrance.

Hawaiian Coconut Mango

Coconut & Mango together is truly an isl& fragrance. If you like coconut & mango, you will love this soft fruity fragrance.

Hawaiian Gardenia

This Hawaiian Gardenia is fabulous. It's a true fragrance that you will feel you have the original flower on in a lovely corsage.

Hawaiian Guavaberry

A blend of guava & juicy Hawaiian berries makes a scent that is so heavenly. Enjoy this fragrance after swimming or suntanning.

Hawaiian Honohono Orchid

This wonderful little orchid denotes a soft, sweet, & mellow fragrance only a beautiful orchid flower can give.

Hawaiian Maile Leaf

This masculine fragrance come from the Maile leaf & bark of the Maile tree. Women love the manly aroma.

Hawaiian Mango

A large oval smooth skin tropical fruit whose fragrance delights all fruit lovers. It is sweet, & juicy & when applied to skin.

Hawaiian Pakalana

The Hawaiian Pakalana is a tiny yellow flower with unique tropical fragrance. Soft, & wonderfully floral, with a hint of violet.

Hawaiian Passion Fruit Mango

A blend of "Lilikoi"(passionfruit) & mango makes a great refreshing scent. Use it to lift your spirits.

Hawaiian Pikake

Known as the "Princess" flower of the Hawaiian Isl&s, it has a jasmine-like scent that is long lasting.

Hawaiian Pineapple Guava

This blend of pineapple & guava will bring you into the Hawaiian isl&s. It's scent is unbelievably nice & fruity.

Hawaiian Pineapple

Sweet & mild, the scent from pineapple grown in Hawaii makes a truly wonderful fragrance. Enjoy a juicy slice of heaven!

Hawaiian Plumeria

is the Hawaiian word for plumeria, a sweet floral fragrance. The blossoms are worn behind the ears of all of our Hawaii ladies.

Hawaiian Pua Kenikeni

Hawaiian Pua Kenikeni is definitely the "Queen" of Hawaii, soft, but, exotically floral, a true favorite of the Hawaiian Isl&s.

Hawaiian Rain Musk

A soft & mellow touch of rain, blended with Hawaiian florals, & a sweet touch of musk. It reminds you of our beautiful spring rains.

Hawaiian Seashells

Blended with a touch of rain, citrus, & musk. This scent will have you yearning for the beaches of Hawaii, like you're in paradise.

Hawaiian Stephanotis

The Hawaiian Stephanotis is a cousin of the Pikake, but, it's floral tones are much softer; an individual tropical fragrance of it's own.

Hawaiian Strawberry Guava

A fruity infusion of ripe, juicy strawberry & exotic guava. Lightly fragranced with a cool, crisp scent.

Hawaiian Tiare Gardenia

"Tiare O Tahiti" ,like other gardenias, but softer & more mellow.

Hawaiian Tuberose

has a scent all its own. Although not a member of the rose family, it is still very floral & exciting, the "rose" of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Vanilla Coconut

Shredded coconut blended with a touch of creamy french vanilla. Use it after swimming for a cool pick-me-up.

Hawaiian Wahine

is a blend of Hawaiian Pikake, Hawaiin Pua Kenikeni, White Ginger, & Hawaii's own Hawaiian Waterlily.